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A Tribute to Kevin Spence

I, Greg,  woke up this morning and just felt the need to thank all those dedicated to Laboring alongside us at TWH’s ministry.  Especially Pastor Kevin Spence who for 36+ years has devoted much time and energy walking through this journey of Christ-Centered Recovery with countless numbers of men and women. We are Blessed to have Pastor Kevin solidly behind TWH’s ministries and for the past almost 6 years leading Restorations Covenant Church in Millersville Maryland.

Pastor Kevin’s life is non-stop devotion to the lost. He runs Celebrate Recovery meetings on Saturday, a step meeting where all newcomers are welcomed on Mondays, is often at Prayer & Share on Thursdays, hosts small groups on Wednesdays, Gathers with other Pastors and leaders on Tuesdays, does Recovery based meeting at the jail on Mondays, commits himself to being at his home group several times a week where he meets many who are ready to start a journey in recovery and Christ. This is a very incomplete list of his schedule.

Pastor Kevin is Building God’s Church. One lost soul at a time.

The Way Homes are so Blessed to have many devoted leaders within our circle of influence but none Bless us more than our friend, mentor, and spiritual leader. God Bless you, Pastor Kevin Spence, as you travel this road doing all you can to seek and Love the lost.