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For Crying Out Loud

I looked up the word “cry” to see how many times it was referenced in God’s Word. 157 times in the NIV the word cry is used. Many of them used to cry out to the Lord. I believe God designed us to cry out to Him. Our cries remind us how very much we need God. God allows us to go through trials in order that he can show His power by hearing our cries and delivering us from our afflictions and giving us peace in our time of suffering.

A few months ago we told of a man who had been suffering from serious drug addiction for many years. This man cried out to the Lord and the Lord heard his cries and delivered him from his addiction. It was truly amazing to watch this man turn his life around and follow God. He was so excited and seemed to be on a wonderful path. Unfortunately, like many before him he took his eyes off the prize and has made a decision that is simply counter to God’s Word. It is hard for all of us when we see this happen. We understand that we cannot help everyone, but we are not willing to concede any of these individuals without a fight. So, we are crying out to the Lord to show us. What more can we do to help these men and women succeed who come into The Way Homes with every intention of doing so?

These are men and women who have lived hard and confusing lives. Often they have lived under generations of dysfunction. We don’t want to give them a pass on their behavior, but the facts are the facts. They need serious discipline and mentoring or the chances are they will return to the only way of life they have ever known. That is what this man has done for now. We ask you to join us in praying for him to return to the Lord and walk in His way before more damage is done.

Now it is our time to cry out to God’s people. We cannot do this by ourselves. We are crying out for Godly men and women to become mentors to these individuals. You don’t need any training in drug and alcohol counseling. You just need to take the things that you have learned and received, heard and seen in the Lord and share them with another person. Read up on Titus 2:1-8 where we are to teach the younger persons the things you have been taught.

This is not a time-consuming effort. Once you get to know your new friend a regular phone call is all that is required. Maybe an occasional cup of coffee or quick bite to eat. Most these individuals are fun to talk to and get to know. We need to help keep them focused on this new way of life until they are firmly grounded in the Word. Please consider showing the love of Jesus through this opportunity. We will work with you to help get started. Once an individual leaves The Way Homes we cannot keep up with them, but you can.

We are stretched so thin and really do need some help. If you can’t help right now, please consider making a monthly financial contribution to help us hire an assistant to our only full-time staff member who oversees up to 24 men at a time.

Thank you, Lord, for designing us For Crying Out Loud. Hear our prayers!