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No, No! NO!!!

Anyone who has parented a child can probably hear themselves saying, “No. No. No!!!” How about this reverse? Has your Heavenly Father ever said, “No. No. No!!!” to you?

At The Way Homes, we believe God has given us a vision. A clear vision that cannot be mistaken. That vision includes keeping the ministry all about Christ and how He would never compromise or water down the truth. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.

The Way Homes are now at another serious crossroads. (There will be many more.) We know that we know, that our God, who created all, has called us and now many others to build, run and support this ministry. Lives of men, women, families, and future generations are changing as we spread the message that drugs and alcohol are not what gets you high. Jesus is this Most High and his Gospel is the only pill we will ever need.

Other wonderful and still successful rehabs are up and running with the support of State and Federal money that dictate how recovery may be done. While they may still slip a little Jesus and scripture in they are largely limited in who and how the participants are ministered to. We know the same funds that are available to them are available to us. All we have to do is compromise and change from all Jesus to a little back room only Jesus. So we took this in prayer to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Guess what he said? “No. No. No!!!”

We have heard loud and clear the answer is “No.” No to having secular agencies that will tell us to hire counselors who will follow the way of this world. No to allowing participants to follow made up and mystical gods. But can we at least take some state money if we say we won’t talk all about Jesus? No.

So, how do we offer the men and women of The Way Homes the best possible care with a fraction of the financial support that the secular recovery facilities have? Of course, we continue to cry out to the Lord of all and we cry out to His people.

God’s people have a wealth of resources. That is why we have so much because He wants us to use it to build His Kingdom. He has given each of us gifts to use. Some of us have gifts to motivate others into action. Some of us have knowledge of how to build a business. Some can write a check. Some can pray. Others are laborers. Whatever you do, do it for His glory. As many who love him and follow him know, we can’t out give the Lord.

I have been working with people in addiction for a long time now. One thing we have discovered is that they all have one thing in common. They seek a ‘high’ that they will never find in a drug or a drink. Many of these individuals are ‘ripe for the harvest.’ Help us to reach them before the world once again distracts them with answers that ultimately fail them.

We now have a capacity to house and disciple 29 individuals. We have a staff of two in comparison to a well known local rehab that has a capacity of just over 40 and a staff of dozens. We are a foundational ministry that needs all the gifts of God’s people if we are going to succeed long-term (eternally).

We have many men and family members who would love to share their testimonies. Please stop by “The Way Corner” at 2406 Mountain Road. Come see and hear the vision and experience firsthand what God can do with a few people who say yes to the Lord!

[Editor’s note: The Way Homes no longer operates the thrift store at 2406 Mountain Road, but all are welcome to stop by any of our meetings or prayer gatherings to experience the community of the Way Homes. Please see our calendar for details.]